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Maximizing The Dash, with Tim Borland

What will be written within your tombstone's Dash?


Maximizing The Dash has become the theme of Tim's life, and subsequently it's the topic of his presentation. There is one mark that will appear on everyone's tombstone, the dash. Born - Died. The dash is YOUR life, and the question we all face is how are we going to maximize the impact of our dash. What matters when you die are the things that you did that have a lasting impact and the things that you did to serve the needs of others; ultimately it's about the legacy you leave.

Tim is an ordinary person who uses his talent, driven by incredible passion, to do extraordinary things that benefit people in the world around him. Through Maximizing The Dash he will share with you and your organization his very unique life experiences, with the goal of motivating and inspiring others to leverage their unique strengths and talents to accomplish their goals and dreams while making a difference in the world around them

During this powerful presentation, Tim will be sharing with you how a combination of courage, inner strength, planning, leadership, following your dreams and the power of intention helped him to accomplish running 63 marathons in 63 consecutive days. After listening to Tim's incredible journey through Maximizing The Dash you will leap out of your chair with inspiration to start living the life you've always wanted. You don't have to run 63 marathons in 63 days or run across Canada 50 miles each day for 13 straight days to feel empowered, but after listening to Tim you might just want to try! Ask yourself, how do you want to be remembered and what will be written between your dash?


More About Tim

On September 4th, 2007 Tim set out on what proved to be an incredible life-changing journey, traveling across the U.S., he and his family embarked on the A-T CureTour. His purpose and mission was to help advance the work of the A-T Children's Project, fighting a rare and fatal children's disease, Ataxia Telangiectasia (A-T). Tim ran a full marathon 26.2 miles every day while pushing a mobility-jogging stroller for 63 consecutive days in 63 different communities across the U.S. Experiencing the pain day after day with kids and families who were fighting against a terminal disease, radically changed Tim and his family's perspective on life forever.

The A-T Cure Tour raised over $750,000 for research and generated over 100 million media impressions. FEAT, a documentary film highlighting the lives and depicting the challenges and adversities of children and families living with A-T, will premier in film festivals in the summer of 2009. A book chronicling Tim's experiences on the Tour will be released summer 2009. Tim has received numerous proclamations from mayor's offices across the country, as well as Congressional and Presidential recognition, for his efforts. His story has been published in several publications including Runner's World, USA Today, LA times, and interviewed by the Associated Press. He was also interviewed on National Public Radio's All things Considered and was given the honor of "Success Story" for the October 2008 edition of The Final Sprint.

In May of 2008 Tim joined a team of world-class runners who set out to run all 13 Provinces and Territories of Canada in 13-days, all for the purpose of raising awareness about the children's organization ONEXONE based out of Canada. The team ran 50-miles each day for 13 straight days, while traveling all over Canada. Again, facing many challenges and much adversity, Tim has learned that the power of intention and purpose can drive you to accomplish things beyond all human estimation and understanding.

On August 19, 2003 Tim was involved in one of the few deadly shark attacks in California. Working as a lifeguard at Avila Beach, located on the Central Coast of California, Tim was faced with a very rare and uncertain situation. While he was attending a lifeguard competition, and off-duty, a swimmer was attack by an 18-foot Great White shark. Tim was the first rescuer to reach the woman, who was 75-yards off shore, and he found her lying in a pool of blood with severe wounds in her lower body. Among many other awards, Tim was the 22nd lifeguard ever to be awarded the Medal of Valor by the United States Lifesaving Association for his heroic acts of bravery.

What is Tim doing now? He is currently preparing for the next challenge: running 130 marathons in 130 consecutive days to help raise awareness about the World's Orphan Crisis and the 130 million orphans of the world. The Orphan Run will begin on July 12th 2010, in Seattle, WA. and finish on November 20th 2010, in Washington D.C.

Tim received his B.S. degree in Kinesiology from California Polytechnic State University in 2004.